Do Tell

I adore Jude Weber and her Buddhaful cards! They are a fun, beautiful and an instant smile-creator. I give them to all my family and friends and love the messages the cards provide on their own and inspire me to write. They are such a wonderful way to further communicate how wonderful and blessed and amazing and miraculous I see my family and friends. They are a great way to send heart.

– Jeff T.

Jude’s beauty and wisdom come through these cards and the beautiful sayings with such amazing artwork.  They have lifted me when I needed, and remind me of the beautiful things you share with the world.  Lucky us!!!

– Ronnie T.

The Buddhaful card line is truly inspirational, calming and beautiful. These words of wisdom are always somewhere where I can see them both at home and at my office. I love to look at them to get encouraged and redirect my thoughts towards positivity.

– Nancie S.

When I want to send a message from my heart – a message of upliftment, support and joy – I choose a card made by Jude.  Her cards capture the kindness and beauty that I want to share with my friends and family.”

– Carol M.

I absolutely LOVE Buddhaful cards & bookmarks! I own several and intended to use them for a few different people/occasions, but they’re so beautiful that I just haven’t been able to part with them. I can clearly feel the love that went into their creation, which makes them very powerful little pieces of art. I keep them around my house as gentle reminders to get back to Love when I wander off the path.

Jude is very gifted at connecting from the heart and spreading love to the world around her, and her Buddhaful creations are another wonderful way of sharing those gifts. From her heart to ours.”

– Madga M.

One of the many things that I love about Jude’s cards is that they were created from one of the most authentically kind, courageous and beautiful souls I know. Every card reflects an unwavering belief in the better good of us all. In a world where we are inundated with negativity or subliminal  messaging telling us that we are not enough, Jude’s cards remind us that we ARE enough and magnificent in our own unique way.

I have given these cards as gifts and SENT them out to those who needed the reminder of just how amazing they are, always with the same result…the recipients wanting to know where they could purchase them.

– Julianne P.

I have been blessed to be sharing Jude’s Buddhaful cards and notes for at least a couple years now, and I can’t say enough about what a wonderful love token they have been in my life. So beautifully and simply crafted, and with such love infused in them…they have become the special little love note that I hold on to until the perfect moment, then deliver to a loved one with an additional note of my appreciation or care. I have sent or hand delivered numerous cards and notes to friends and family, and each one felt so special to me, because the image and phrase contained on the card delivered my message so perfectly. I got the most pleasure out of knowing that each person would be touched by the message, and that it would be delivered in the form of this beautiful handmade card. My hope is that each person feels the love of the message as well as the loving energy put into it by its creator, Jude Weber.

– Leslie H.

Jude’s cards are as “buddhaful” and unique as she is! Uplifting and calming, with a simple yet beautiful message. Each card exudes Jude’s individuality and special touch.

– Sheryl K.

I’ve always loved giving cards. Buddhaful’s cards are so inspirational to me and who I give them too.. they each capture a piece of life that are universal and meaningful. I keep a variety on hand and always have the perfect one to gift someone in my life.

– Art S.

I absolutely adore these cards. I have both sent them and given them as gifts and everyone wants to save them because they are so gorgeous!  Lol!  Precious cards for precious moments to precious people.  Thank you,  Jude,  for your creativity and expression ♥.

– Susan S.